1: So I’ve been here two weeks…

…And decided it’s probably a good enough time as any to start a blog. 🙂

The past two weeks have been some of the scariest and intimidating weeks ever, but I think I’m finally settling into a bit of a rhythm. I think the day of travelling and the first day here were the worst. My biggest fear, I think, is the unknown, and everything about those two days fit that category. I’m only two weeks into my year-long stay, but I really think I made the right decision. I’ve had a couple of bad-mood days, days where I just wanted to go home… But then I look around and think HOLY SHIT KELSEY YOU’RE NOT EVEN IN YOUR HOME COUNTRY. YOU ARE 3300 MILES AWAY FROM WHO YOU WERE. BUCK UP AND GET ON WITH IT.

So… While I won’t be posting every day or even have a schedule for posts, I do have some ideas. I’ve discovered some crazy foods, some weirdly awesome music, and some really cool places, and I’d like to share them (or, if no one ends up reading this, at least have some record of them, lol). But for now, this will have to suffice. It’s nearly 9:30pm Lesigny time, and being the old lady I am, it’s time to start winding down for bed 😉 Bon nuit!


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