2: Musical Finds (January 1-14)

I was really surprised my first few days here to find that most of the music played (at least on the radio stations and tv music stations my host family listen to) are mainly French (though of course you’ve got your Taylor Swift and Sia thrown in the mix…). I want to keep posting some of my finds — whether they’re cool, catchy, or just plain weird!

Easily my favorite song right now: Je Garde Le Sourire – Black M

This one is such a good song with the weirdest, Michael-Jackson-meets-acid music video: Saint Claude – Christine and The Queens

Okay, so with a name like Fresh Prince… I just HAVE to love this song! Fresh Prince – Soprano (Psst… can you spy the MAINE shirt? :p Also, just give it til after the first chorus… 1:54-2:03 is my favorite part! Oh, and you can skip the first 45 seconds to get straight to the music.)

And one song that I KNOW is playing in the US but IS JUST SO DAMN CATCHY! Seriously, even my host parents love it! Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars


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