5: Musical Finds (February)

I don’t know if I expected for music to change a lot week to week here or something, but it’s mostly been the same songs on all the time! A few new ones have really gotten stuck in my head though…

Avenir (Radio Remix) – Louane

Apparently this song is from a film, about a deaf family who won’t let their non-deaf daughter leave home to pursue her dream of singing. Or so I’m told… I just like the beat :p

I’m an Albatraoz – AronChupa

Warning: This song is filled with cursing, but my goodness it’s the catchiest song in the universe! Swedish-made, released in 2014, it’s just now getting really popular in France. There’s even a 10-hour long video of this song on repeat here, if you happen to like it as much as I do 😉

Christine – Christine and The Queens

Yes, another by this band… I just love them! And I’ve seen some interviews with her, and a short documentary, and I’m absolutely in love with her, lol. And she’s not really a narcissist, as I’d thought; her name isn’t Christine, it’s Héloïse.

Andalouse – Kendji Girac

This man is everywhere. Or, I should say, this boy is everywhere (I just found out he’s only 18! HOLY CRAP he’s a baby, but he sure doesn’t look it!) He’s a Rom who one the last season of the French version of “The Voice”. He’s so handsome, swoon… He’s also got a few other songs on the charts at the same time (here and here).

The worst part about liking French music? I can’t download it on iTunes! Argh…


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