The worry is strong in this one.

I’ve been watching a lot of weight loss/gastric bypass videos on YouTube lately. After having such a crap week eating-wise (because it’s been a great week otherwise!), I really need to get back on the wagon in regards to the changes I need to make before surgery. These videos range from inspiring to cheesy to depressing, but one thing they all do is stoke my worry-pit.

What if I don’t like my body after weight loss?
That wasn’t something I’d given a whole lot of thought to before starting to make these changes towards healthier living. These update videos show my these people with deflated breasts, swinging thighs, flat butts… I may be fat now, but at least I love parts of my body. What if my chipmunk cheeks completely go away? What if I lose a lot of hair? It’s already so thin! What if the excess skin is just as detrimental to my mental health as all this fat?
I guess the thing is… at least right now I’m fat, and the things I don’t like are changeable. What happens when a lot of the fat is gone but the skin is still there? How do I change it like I did with the fat? 


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