Sleep studies should be called ‘lack-of-sleep studies’… oy vey.

I mean, really… Folks, how am I supposed to get any sleep at all with all THAT attached to my body? I’m also a stomach sleeper, so lying face-up and trying to sleep was awful. Second only to the goop they put all over you to keep the electrodes in place… I really ought to have taken a picture, I looked like a freakin’ animatronics project!

Overall it wasn’t awful though. The tech came in a few hours into my ‘sleep’ to put the CPAP on me, so I guess we can expect that in the near future. Not surprised, really, but I’m certainly not looking forward to it.

In other news, I’m finishing my move across town this weekend. I’m down on the scale, but I don’t like posting numbers from anything other than my nutritionist’s scale for continuity purposes. Overall I’m feeling really pleased. I find myself easily staying under my 1600cal/day goal most days, unless it’s a fun event or something. I’m really noticing some body changes, especially in my face and double chin. Hopefully this dang surgery is scheduled soon! 🙂


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