When it rains, it pours. Thank goodness it’s April…

It’s been a tough six weeks. I broke things off with my boyfriend of about a year and a half. I still love him dearly… I cry daily. But I had the realization that no matter how badly I wanted things between us to work out, they just never would. He would never ask me to marry him. He would never ask me to be a part of his family. Fuck, he never even asked me to consider moving closer to him when I had to move recently.


Speaking of which, I was essentially evicted from the apartment I’ve lived in for the past two-ish years. After my grandmother died, her husband allowed me to stay in the in-law apartment as I had been since May 2015. Fast-forward to the end of February, when I received a text message from him while at work, telling me I needed to find a new place ASAP. When I asked him to reconsider, to allow me to stay until after my surgery, he told me to be out in two weeks. So here I am, renting a $500 bedroom from a complete stranger.


Which brings us to Development #3: I’m moving to Pittsburgh. My best friend lives there, and already has a super cute little house. I’m hoping to transfer my job out there, since we have a ‘sister’ center just ten minutes from the house. The original plan was to move after surgery, but considering the fact that (Development #4) I’ve still got 30+ pounds to lose, isn’t happening fast enough. I can’t afford to stay here and pay out the nose for a room. I can’t mentally afford to stay in the same place, the same rut I’m in. I’m ready for my next adventure.


So now I’m working on essentially transferring my surgery out to Pittsburgh. There’s a great program really close to my future home, and I think that, so long as my insurance remains the same, I’ll be able to get my surgery much sooner than if I remained here in Maine.


Starting weight (~August 1, 2016): 400.7lbs

Goal weight (for BMI of 60.0): 333.5lbs

Current official weight (March 23, 2017): 365.9lbs

Current unofficial (home scale) weight: 362.0

Total weight lost: Between 34.8lbs and 38.7lbs

Left to lose: 32.4lbs to 28.5lbs



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