Okay, it’s been a hot minute. Time for some updates!

I’ve been using the BiPAP for about a month now. My AHI is consistently under 1.0 (besides the few days I was sick with a cold), which is a drastic improvement from the 163.1 it was for my sleep study! Don’t even get me started on that… Such a joke of a procedure. ANYWAYS. All is going well with the machine and mask, no issues or complaints really. Just a weird new addition to my life.


A couple weeks ago, I got very frustrated with the process and called my program coordinator. I love her, let me just put that out there. If you are in the central Maine area and are thinking of Eastern Maine Medical Center for your surgery, do it. Lynn Bolduc is the greatest coordinator… she gets it. She empathizes with those in the program and understands how hard this whole process is, not just the physical weight loss piece. She is encouraging and uplifting and GOSHDARNIT I just can’t say enough good things about her! Goodness I’m good at tangents today… Back to why I called her. I lost sight of the light at the end of the tunnel, and was worried about never actually getting to surgery. The nutritionist had told me I wouldn’t be able to see a surgeon until my BMI was at or below 60, a feat that seemed (still does!) impossible. I hadn’t stalled out, but my weight loss has definitely been slowing… I’ve been around a BMI of 65 for awhile. Lynn and I spoke about that and she said that if I got to 357 she would advocate for me to meet with the surgeon early. She said that if I met the goal at my next nutritionist appointment, my surgery would likely end up in early to mid June.

Well… I had my (SPOILER ALERT!) LAST appointment with my nutritionist today! I didn’t hit my goal… I was at 359.8lbs. I was feeling pretty dejected and made my appointment for one month from today to see her again. Ten minutes after I left, however, my phone rang and it was Lynn. She told me I continue to impress her, and she hadn’t expected I’d actually hit 357, she just wanted to motivate me to get there, and that I’d lost enough that she was totally comfortable referring me to the surgeon early! We talked dates and she told me my appointment would be anywhere between May 2-19, depending on scheduling issues. I heard from the surgeon’s scheduling lady a few hours ago, and I meet with Dr. Toder on May 9!! !!!


Assuming all goes well, my surgery isn’t far off. I’m only a little nervous… Mostly about my own issues with my body after losing weight, and not so much about the surgery itself. I’m sure as that draws closer I’ll fret about that too. But today I’m ecstatic… It was a good day. Thanks, Ice Cube.


Current home weight: 359.9lbs

Current office weight: 359.8lbs

Starting weight: 400.7lbs

Total weight lost: 40.9lbs




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