Less than 12 hours out…

My surgery is tomorrow morning! I am so so soooo beyond excited. I feel like I’ve been waiting for this for ages, even though in reality the real prep for this has only been about ten months long. But I feel like it’s a step in the direction of a solution for a life-long problem, […]

And it goes a little somethin’ like this…

I met with my surgeon last Tuesday, and then promptly got so busy I didn’t have a chance to post an update! My surgeon is Dr. Michelle Toder, at Eastern Maine Medical Center. I like her — she’s very no-nonsense, no side-stepping the issues, very upfront. She told me that this isn’t about making me […]

Gorgon, too fat to fly.

“No one wants to see round women…” I don’t generally like fat-based poetry. Don’t get me wrong, I like poetry and I love spoken word poetry. But there’s something that makes me cringe whenever I hear artists talk about their experiences with fatness. Maybe it’s shame (okay, so it’s probably shame) and internalized fatphobia (yeah, okay, it’s […]

Shall we start again?

It’s been over a year since I posted last… A whole lot hasn’t changed. I’m still living in Maine (so much for that exit plan, Kels), I’m still working at Job Corps, I’m still living in my basement apartment. But a lot has changed. My nan died. A woman I couldn’t imagine my life without isn’t […]