For the greater part of tonight, I’ve been deleting photos and screenshots from my phone and crying. And I don’t understand why really, so this is my attempt to process whatever it is I’m feeling. In April, I ended an 18-month long relationship — short in the grand scheme of things, but it was intense […]


JUNE 8, 2017 Holy fucking hell. At 8:42 this morning the scheduler from Dr. Toder’s office called and told me insurance had approved my surgery, and that June 8 was the first available date! To think, I just called two days ago and they said the insurance approval could take up to thirty days, and today […]


Okay, it’s been a hot minute. Time for some updates! I’ve been using the BiPAP for about a month now. My AHI is consistently under 1.0 (besides the few days I was sick with a cold), which is a drastic improvement from the 163.1 it was for my sleep study! Don’t even get me started […]

When it rains, it pours. Thank goodness it’s April…

It’s been a tough six weeks. I broke things off with my boyfriend of about a year and a half. I still love him dearly… I cry daily. But I had the realization that no matter how badly I wanted things between us to work out, they just never would. He would never ask me […]

Shall we start again?

It’s been over a year since I posted last… A whole lot hasn’t changed. I’m still living in Maine (so much for that exit plan, Kels), I’m still working at Job Corps, I’m still living in my basement apartment. But a lot has changed. My nan died. A woman I couldn’t imagine my life without isn’t […]

4: Update – March 2, 2015

Whoops, it’s been over month since I’ve posted… I guess that’s bound to happen when life is a little crazy! 🙂 From February 17-20, a friend* and I went on a four-day mini-vacation, and it was fabulous. Not only was it an escape from the now-‘normal’ “work week”, but the things we saw and experienced […]